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InstantLoans24.Net will help you solve the immediate need of quick cash. You are not alone when an emergency happens!

Unless a person is born into a very rich family, at some point in their life there will come an occasion called a ‘cash crunch’. What does that actually mean? Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Car broken down. Unplanned, unfair, unpayable;
  • An illness in the family. Kids, or partner, or you;
  • A bank glitch, salary will be late;
  • A sudden death in the family.

A quick and easy solution to any financial crisis is an emergency loan with immediate approval decision. These loans can be used to bridge a cash shortfall between paydays and in the case of a vehicle repair or illness, they are a convenient quick fix.


Instant Emergency Loans There’s always a hesitancy by people to go down this road applying for an emergency loan for a couple of reasons:
1. It might not get approved;
2. It is a bit embarrassing asking for a small loan because people will know you have no money!
Let’s look at some basic criteria that lenders will look at when assessing an emergency loan. The requirements may help a potential borrower decide on whether it’s the right option to take.

Financial status and Age

The minimum age to apply for a loan is 18. The applicant needs to have a current bank account. An active account is a positive indication that there is at least some financial standing. The big plus is that the lender is able to set up an automatic loan repayment process for the monthly payments.


Common sense dictates that if a person is not working, the first question that can be asked is: How are you going to repay the loan? So being in a steady job is a requirement. There are a few lenders who may look at providing a loan to an unemployed applicant, but the interest rates is horrendous…but not impossible.

A good step is to find out if the loan company has an employment requirement and also whether there is a minimum wage amount to qualify for a loan. An individual’s employment will be verified with the employer, so it’s pointless in being untruthful. Integrity, even when applying for a small emergency loan, is essential.

Crеdіt History

While a good credit rating will help enormously to get a loan approved quickly, there are now many, many loan companies that lend to people with a bad credit history or to those with no credit score.

It’s all about the interest rate. It’s not a bad idea before borrowing to find out what the credit rating is and then shop around for a lending company that will provide the best deal based on the rating provided. The math for lending is simple:

Good credit rating – loan approved quickly and a lower interest rate.
Bad credit rating – more questions, possibly a slower approval, higher interest rate.

It’s at this time of a person’s life that their borrowing habits may come back to haunt them.

Sесurеd or Unѕесurеd Emеrgеnсу Lоаnѕ

A secured loan means putting some collateral down to offset the loan cost. That can have some bad repercussions if the payments are unable to be made for whatever reason. The loan company simply takes the collateral as the repayment.

An unsecured cash loan requires no collateral for the issue of funds. Unsecured might also mean having in its place a higher salary and/or a better credit rating. Again, our online service specializes in online emergency loans, and you can apply quickly!

Personal Preferences

In fact, finding a loan company that best meets an individual’s needs is common sense these days with the amount of information available on the internet. Instant emergency loans are readily available for a variety of genuine reasons, but lenders still have to apply their criteria for approval.

The main thing to keep in mind is that it’s always darkest before the dawn and taking a pro-active step to sort out any unplanned emergency by applying for an emergency cash loan can be considered that ray of early morning sun.

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