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  • - Get up to $1,000 instantly!
  • - No hard credit check by Instantloans24!
  • - Any credit is welcome, even bad credit!
  • - Instantloans24 doesn't ask for faxing and paperwork!
  • - Almost guaranteed loan approval!
  • - Fast money deposit!
  • - Easy online process! Secured and discreet!


  • - Must be 18 years of age or older
  • - Valid Social Security Number
  • - You have a steady source of income
  • - Valid email address and phone number
  • - Checking or saving bank account on your name


INSTANTLOANS24 is trusted and reputable service.
Our lenders are working on weekends and holidays, 24 hours a day.
You can rely on our instant help and enjoy the best customer service in the industry!


What makes InstantLoans24 so unique
Apply online

Apply online

Just click Apply Online to get started! The application form is easy and it take only few minutes to complete. Your personal details are securely protected!

Instant Loan Decision

Instant Loan Decision

Get an instant loan decision from one of our direct lenders. If you was declined, do not hesitate to apply again. We have hundreds of different offers!



Once approved, the lender will deposit the loan amount directly to you bank account. This is an electronic transfer, so you will get your funds instantly!

Instant payday loans now!

A payday loan is the fastest source of urgent money. It is simple to get one of these loans, so no need to worry about anything. Financial problems and emergencies are the main reasons why people opt for this option. And in most cases, instant cash advance loans help!

How to get an instant loan?

Getting a payday loan with InstantLoans24 is very easy, but you have to qualify first. Being eligible means to be eighteen years and above, keep a regular paying job, be a legal resident of the States and have a valid account. If you meet these basic criteria then you are almost there and your loan approval is almost guaranteed. Now all you need to do is submit your loan application. The form is available on our website.

The application process

Our loan application process is perhaps the simplest in the lending industry. Online verification accelerates it significantly. You just fill out a short form providing some information about you, like bank account and residential address. We will process your loan application sending it to of the participating lenders. Once approved, you will get the loan amount in your bank account the next business day or possibly the same day for an extra fee. It really is as simple as it seems.

No collateral, no hard credit check

Payday loans belong to the category “unsecured loans”. InstantLoans24 doesn't perform any kind of security and credit checks. Some lenders in our network can check your credit history. When you apply for a loan for the first time, it can take a little bit more to get your loan application processed. However, if all the details provided were correct the lender can transfer your money the same day (in case the lender supports this feature) or the next business day. This will open up many options for you and help solve your problems with cash instantly.

The repayment term is 2-3 weeks. Even if you currently can not repay the loan as agreed contact your direct lender representative. Lenders would never undermine the credit of a customer at the first sign of trouble and we always try to work out a solution.


Payday loans are short loans with a hight APR and it's a temporary solution. That is why the annual percentage rate describing the borrowing costs in annual terms is useless for payday loans.

Much of the confusion and misunderstanding surrounding payday loans comes from the calculation of the annual percentage rate (APR). We firmly believe that the APR is negligible because it does not disclose the fact that many people do not mind paying a flat fee of $15 - $20 to borrow $100 because this is exactly what they need. Although payday loans are intended to be paid quickly, the law requires financial information to be expressed in annual percentage rate (APR), or the cost of credit expressed as a yearly rate. This requirement provides consistency across different sources of credit so that customers can compare rates and make the choice that is right for them.

We create a positive and transparent environment for anyone in search for payday loans. Quick loans are designed to grant a relatively small amount of money on a short-term basis for any person running short of cash. So InstantLoans24 provides the unique advantage of ensuring easy finance when you need money fast. When you have to solve an unexpected problem, payday loans can be your best option.


What our happy customers say
After a few simple questions I’ve got the money I needed so badly. No papers, no wait, everything is done almost instantly. Great service for a small fee. Now I know borrowing does not have to be difficult.
Tyron Smith

Tyron Smith

Basketball Coach

Fast and efficient customer service, quick money as promised. No problems so far, only pleasure. Highly recommend this company if you need a small and instant loan. Come back for sure! Many many thanks!
Ashley Cook

Ashley Cook


Fantastically fast staff and money transfer. Got my money in 4 hours top. It was a lifesaver for my huge bus repair bill. If you need a small loan, choose these guys, they know what they are doing!
Jaclyn Medina

Jaclyn Medina

Bus driver

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