It’s a Crazy Credit World

A crazy loan applicant!

If there’s one sort of negative aspect of online loan applications, it’s that the crazy reasons for obtaining a loan have decreased. One of the reasons is that if you are serious about making an application, let’s say for an instant cash loan, you don’t want to spoil future chances by being a bit of a comedian – or 2 beers short of a six pack, as they say. Your everyday reason for wanting a loan is just that, for everyday living.

In the past, some of the loan applications bordered on the insane, you could say historically hysterical. It might also be worth mentioning that there are some really dumb reasons for applying for a loan. Here’s a couple to think about:

Money for a Friend

Borrow money so you can lend to a friend or relative. Be warned, there are NO friends when it comes to money and if you wanted to destroy a friendly relationship or get relatives offside, lend them money. The dramas that evolve on trying to get a loan repaid would make for a great soap opera script.

Money to Pay Off a Loan

Even when you read that, it sounds weird. You borrowed money, you can’t repay it, so you borrow more money to pay off the first loan knowing full well you are not going to be able to pay off the new loan. This is not about loan consolidation which is a good idea, sometimes.

Strange Loan Requests

Here’s a story from a loans officer at a bank:
This guy came into my loans cubicle. The guy was in his 50’s and looked like he lived in his car. He wanted a same day loan so that he could fly to Las Vegas to help solve the death of his son who s apparently murdered. He said he was a cocaine dealer and therefore did not want to fill in any paperwork and offered to leave $10,000 worth of coke in a bag to cover the $5,000 loan.

And another crazy one:
Too many air conditioners on the wallI received an application in the mail from a man who wanted money to buy 2,000 air conditioners. After checking his address – a trailer park, and then his credit rating – he was made bankrupt just days before, I declined the application. A few days later I got a call from the same guy, cursing me for knocking back the loan application. I said he was bankrupt to which he replied he knew that and was hoping that the court order hadn’t taken effect so that he could get the air cons and never have to pay back the loan. When I asked him why he needed 2,000 units he said that where he lived was damn hot, and he wanted to cool the place down. Yep, he wanted all those air conditioners to cool down the OUTSIDE!

Here at Instant Loans, we won’t laugh at strange applications and as long as you can pay back the money, who cares what you want it for. But be warned, crazy applications will eventually get posted on this website.

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