Winner of the InstantLoans24 Scholarship

As a commitment to Social Responsibility, the lending solution company provided a Scholarship fund of $2000 for higher education students, who can benefit from one of the four $500 Scholarships made available in 2018.

Details About the Program

InstantLoans24 represents a team of experts who offer instant solutions in situations of financial emergency. The business firmly focuses on contributing to the social development, as it believes this is the way to ensure a more financially-responsible society. To reach that, InstantLoans24 offers a $2000 Scholarship fund, aimed at providing support to four candidates to cover their educational costs. By doing this, it hopes to support talents and personal development of ambitious, open-minded and determined students.

The scholarship concept was tailored based on company’s belief that well financially-educated students are the basis and future of a healthy society. To reach that, talented, motivated, and ambitious students need to be encouraged and supported. In this sense, the launched Scholarship Program is more than a simple additional financial support; it represents a way to raise awareness of the necessity and the right ways to reach financial literacy among U.S. citizens.

The company will award a $500 Scholarship four times a year (Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter) to the qualifying students, in a sign of support in the hard battle students face regarding higher education costs while achieving their aspirations of obtaining a degree.

The First Winner

The company is delighted to announce the Winner of the Spring InstantLoans24 Scholarship. $500 have been granted to Ethan Rath for his essay on “5 Ways to Earn Extra Money”, and the accompanying Infographic.

Ethan Rath is a Colorado native who is currently a sophomore attending Colorado State University. He is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business with a concentration in accounting, an associate’s degree in philosophy and an associate’s degree in legal studies. His goal is to be able to graduate in 2020 and earn his degrees in four years. Once he does so, he plans on attending the law school at the University of Colorado in Boulder or Denver University.

Eligibility of Students

Students who consider applying for the Scholarship should be U.S. citizens or residents, full-time or part-time enrolled in a U.S. school, college, professional, trade school or accredited university, and they should confirm a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Given the company’s intention to strengthen financial responsibility, the applicants are expected to submit their thoughts on related topics in the form of an essay, infographic, or video.

Application Procedure

According to the conditions stated on the company’s website, to enter the contest, the applicants should submit per e-mail an essay of no less than 750 words AND a video or an infographic on one of the following topics related to financial independence:

  • What do student loans teach you about responsible borrowing?
  • My five ways to earn extra money.

The works and personal details should be sent per e-mail. The application process is effortless. In such a way the students can focus more on the quality of the submitted work, than on formalities related to submission itself.

According to the details specified on organization’s site, the judgment process is based on the following criteria: correct grammar, originality of the concept, utility of proposed solutions, and a good understanding of the financial aspects. The winner will be presented on company’s website, along with the winning essay and video or infographic.

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About the Company

InstantLoans24 is a leading company in the instant loans market. InstantLoans24 represents a team of experts who offer reliable and secure solutions in situations of financial emergency. The goal is to find each customer a suitable lender and make sure that the process of applying for a loan and receiving the money is as smooth and fast as possible!

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