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Live Abroad To Save Money

Can you save money while living abroad, or is it just an urban legend going around? Wouldn’t you like the idea of traveling while saving money at the same time? Well, with some preparation, study, and discipline, this can be easily achieved. You might even end up saving more money than you would expect.

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financial resolutions

Financial Resolutions For Spring 2018

New Year brings about the desire to make some changes for the coming year. Do things differently, and right the wrongs, and change bad habits you have adopted. And that’s why we make New Year Resolutions. But if you are reading this now, then you have probably already broken your resolutions.
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How To Survive A Week Until Payday

Poor Me

While nature gives us TV programs that show us about the survival of the fittest, in your life sometimes, it’s survival of the poorest. Daily living, after you leave home, can be filled with excitement, drama, romance, travel. It can also be unfilled with money enough to eat, pay the rent, or have drinks with friends. You sometimes have to stretch your money to survive until payday, and we know, it is not easy.
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