5 Extra Easy Tips to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

The cell phone that person is using.

Remember some years back when we only used our cell phones to make the important calls? I mean, back before the smartphones hit our markets? We would spend pretty little costs on the cell phone bill.

Nowadays, the story has changed. Our cell phone bill has become one of the significant monthly expenses. J.D Power and Associates Statistics show that the average family monthly bill was $149.07, increases by 36% after every three years.

If you compare the amount to the recent U.S of $51,000, then we can reasonably estimate that more than 3.5% of the average family’s income is directed towards landline bills. That’s a sizable chuck amount, right?

Phones are Cheaper but Bills are Up

When you bought that smartphone or new iPhone at a lower price, the company wasn’t favoring you. It was simply using a convenient method to commit you to their services. Their primary aim was to suck more dollars from you for the next few years.

No wonder they almost gave out the phone for free. However, the good news is that there in a way out! Try these 5 tips and lower your cell phone bill by almost half.

1. Switch to Wi-Fi if Possible

Try as much as possible to use wifi connections when you have one around you. Also, don’t download podcasts, movies or music videos unless you are using wifi. Why?

Our smartphones data overages add up quickly, and some providers charge us as much as $20. Sign up for the wifi alerts that come your way!

2. Switch Off Background Data

Our smartphones have many applications including the social media applications which we frequently use.

They consume much data and thus contribute to the enormous monthly cell phone expenses. Always make sure you switch off the background data to reduce the expenditures.

3. Avoid the Contract Phones

As mentioned earlier, some cell phone companies have found new ways of making money; and contracts is one of them. They usually have a two-year long network contract for us when we buy their phones.

They then hit us with a ridiculous cancellation charge when we try to switch the carriers! So what can we do instead? Only purchase the phones which are labeled “unlocked”.

4. Cut the Insurance

Not InsuredIf you’re thinking about the insurance for your mobile phone, ask yourself this question: “did I buy a phone that I can’t afford?” If you lack enough cash to replace the phone in case it gets damaged; then it must be too expensive to fit in your budget.

Let’s assume you pay $11 every month for the insurance. This will make $132 per year that you are merely shelling it out. Instead, set a few dollars aside that can get you another phone in case you need it.

5. Don’t Forget to Complain

Do you sometimes get an important call drop? Do you read about the national wide outage? If you don’t get a signal in your provider’s area, report the dissatisfaction with your provider. You will get a credit that will lower your cell phone bill.

Final Thoughts

Start reducing your landline bills today! When you practice these tips, ensure that you review your monthly bill vigilantly to see how much it has changed. Also, keep an eye on the entire statement to identify any other expenses you can cut as well.

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