5 Celebrities Who Struggled With Student Loans

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We all have to start somewhere, including the most famous of celebrities! Student loans debt is very commonplace nowadays, you’re not alone in being concerned about it. While it may be small consolation, there are many celebrities who struggled with student loans as well.

Not everyone follows the path they thought they would, and this includes the rich and famous. Have you ever wondered which celebrities could possibly have student loan debt? Check out our list below. The struggle is real!

Barack and Michelle Obama

Barack and Michelle Obama's celebration

While Obama was the president of the United States, he did not come from a wealthy family, neither did his wife. Both Michelle and Barack graduated college with heaps of debt. They were in their 40’s before it was paid off. Even though they both had good jobs, their student loan debt was only paid off just before he got elected to US Senate.

Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh is thinkingIf you are familiar with Kate Walsh it’s most likely because of the hit show Grey’s Anatomy. What you may not know that she struggled with student loans in the beginning stages of her career. Before beginning her career as a model and actress, she worked in fast food such as Burger King and Dairy Queen. Later on after this, she attended the University of Arizona. Because of her experience with large amounts of student loan debt, Walsh encouraged people to get out and vote in the most recent election. She is very passionate about higher education and ERA student loan debt reform.

Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm in the carJon Hamm is infamous for his character Don Draper in Mad Men, and just like many other people, he too has struggled with student loans. He was 33 years old before he was able to pay off his student loans, which happened after he got regular acting work. He genuinely feels it shouldn’t be this hard for people to pay off their education.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Photo It would seem that many politicians start their career path with student loan debt looming. Ted Cruz has stated more than once that he only paid off his student loans a few years before running for president. He attended Princeton University and Harvard Law School and racked up over $100,000 in college debt. He too knows all too well the cost of financing your education.

Cheryl Strayed

Charyl StrayedThe immensely successful and loved author of the book “Wild,” which was later made into an Oscar-nominated film starring Reese Witherspoon, is a literary icon. She wasn’t always an icon though. Before the 41-year-old Strayed sold the memoir and Oprah helped turn it into a bestseller, she was just another struggling writer who owed thousands and thousands of dollars in both credit card debt and student loans. The day she paid off her debt with her first check from “Wild” was a momentous occasion, just like it is for anyone buried under a mountain of debt.


We realize you may not have the salary of the celebrities of the above-listed celebrities. Nonetheless, you can still learn from their experiences with student loan debt. All of them struggled with student loans just like you have, and managed their debt off. While some still be paying off their debts, others scrimped and saved to pay them off before they even made it big in their careers of choice. Both diligently and regularly applying even small amounts to your loan balance can help you pay your debt off faster and save thousands of dollars in interest. Don’t worry. You can do this!

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